Last night, we brought Tommy to the Kankakee Junior High Open House. His locker is full and his schedule is set. I think I even saw a bit of excitement dawning in his solidly laid-back expression. I suppose he can’t be a budding junior high student and still be the same old Tom.

As we exited the school building around 7:30, the air had shifted and the humidity had lifted. On the drive home, all four of us were fascinated by the sky as the sunset played with the changes in the air. Chris thought even the grass and the corn tassels looked brighter; Tommy said the clouds seemed clearer; and Abraham concluded a bunch of different skies must have been mixed together. No matter how we described the differences, we all recognized the same distinct change.

Change can be frightening or exhilarating,  soul-crushing or mind-altering. Life IS change, and it ain’t always pretty. But we still have choices amid all of life’s commotion. We can refuse to transform, or we can choose to grow in change. Sameness is comforting, and growth is great, but transformation?

Transformation is miraculous.

Happy Friday, all.