So, a blog it is…

Everyone has battles to fight. Some are hidden well, while others are marked blatantly with scars and loss. Personal struggles can deplete our will and our happiness and our health; but in most cases, there is at least some small thing that remains in our life for which we can be grateful for. I may not always feel balanced and sure, but I can always find some small moment to appreciate or some new way to be well.

Wellness by definition is not a goal; it is a process. And although the tenets of emotional, physical, social, vocational, intellectual and spiritual awareness create the framework for a model of wellness; each person’s goal is unique, and the paths can vary greatly.  I am all about finding workable routes on those individualized paths. For 25 years, no matter my occupation, I have aspired to help others learn on different levels.  I believe I was born a teacher, but I have officially taught Behavioral Health, Wellness, Nutrition, Yoga, Communications, Language Arts and Aromatherapy.  My current area of study is Integrative Health.

Last week, life led my career out of a beloved, concrete-block classroom and back to my humble home with my husband and two sons.  Keeping a job while caring for my youngest, medically fragile child was no longer in my family’s best interest. For two years, I have cared for my eight-year-old son, Abraham, as he battled brain cancer.  He was diagnosed at six during his final week of kindergarten.  Up until that point, he was a healthy, strong and active child. Then our world shifted into survival mode. As Abraham transitions to recovery after two years of treatments which included five brain surgeries, six weeks of a chemo-radiation combo, and then straight up chemotherapy for an additional nine months, I am recovering, too. His prognosis is still unclear, but with each stable three-month MRI, we celebrate. This blog is my outlet to simultaneously deal with my “new normal” while building my own version of a positive, happy existence.

I hope others will benefit from the intended transparency of my family’s journey, too.  Even though the online haters will bother me, the technology will challenge me, and my time to work still comes in waves, I want to share our story.

I may always prefer pencils to pixels, but I try to live in the modern world where some of today’s best helpers write blogs.  I may not have a classroom anymore, but I have a computer, basic internet service, and a desire to continue educating others on ways to find harmony amid the chaos of our singular existence.

So, a blog it is.

30 thoughts on “So, a blog it is…

  1. You my friend are a natural born writer. May peace and love surround you and your family as you all go through this battle. Life is definitely a journey and we all travel together as we try to figure it out.

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  2. I so look forward to following your blog! You are a master at putting words together to convey your message, your emotions, and your wisdom. So happy you are sharing!

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  3. This will be wonderful for you. I enjoy the way you make simple words have so much feeling in them. I love that your heart is so big you are willing to share your journey with us. Gods blessings as you start this stage of life. We are all there for you. Much love.

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  4. So, a blog it is…..I love it and I can hear you saying it! 😍 You are loved and adored😘 Xoxo one of your biggest fans for so many reasons! It just gets better and better😊

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  5. I love this! I’ve always felt that you have such a way of comforting others, no matter what is going on with you. I so look forward to following you on your blogging journey. Much love, my friend!

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  6. I’ve known you a long time and I am not surprised at all by your strength. I’ve been praying for you and your family. Keep blogging, keep inspiring and keep being a strength for those who need it AND those who don’t. xxoo

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    1. Old friends know the story from the beginning, and that adds a little extra color to the message. So thankful for the prayers and support, Sherri.


  7. Well done. You obviously inspire with your words, your dedication to your family and your ability to find the peace and love in difficult circumstances. May the Lord continue to bless your readers with your talent to inspire.

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    1. Your faith helps guide our journey in a positive direction. Thank you for being there for Tommy and the entire family as we’ve found our way these past two years.


    1. Thank you for the hugs. I appreciate every moment spent with my family at home, and it helps guide me on our journey in positive ways I hadn’t even imagined. Your comment today reminded me just how fortunate we are. May you and yours be well!

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